Adoptable Cats

Below are our cats that are looking for a forever home and are ready for adoption. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our cats that are up for adoption & please let us know what number they are. They are all litter trained, current on shots, de-wormed and have been spayed/neutered. They get FeLV & FIV tested after they turn 6 months old.


 1) Candy is 5 to 6 years old. She is shy at first but will love you forever when you give her love. She is spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed and felv/fiv tested. $50 fee









2) Zoe is a very sweet, long haired calico who is just full of tricks. She’s approximately 3 to 4 years old, spayed and up to date on vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $50.









3) BELLE came back to us after 4 years (adopted as a kitten), through no fault of her own. She has been diagnosed with Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC) & dealing with it for about 2 years now. She needs to be an only cat as she does not do well with dogs or other cats at all. She is very sweet when it’s just you & her and loves laying on your lap. Whomever adopts her has to be able to keep her on a prescription diet & possibly some inexpensive medication to keep her disorder calm so she can live a normal life. She is well worth it. She is being kept at Shelley’s by herself in a small house until we find her furever home. (She is front declawed)





 4) Electra is microchipped, spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed and felv/fiv tested. She is a very sweet and loving 3 year old girl!










5) Bella is a great big, very, very lovable girl who was abandoned by her owner. She has been at the rescue for several months and has slowly gotten used to the other cats, so she would do well in a home with none or only one other cat. She is approximately three years old, spayed and up to date on vaccinations. Her adoption fee is $40.



6) This young man is Carmello. He is looking for a home as the only cat or with a younger cat. He is a luv-bug! He is in foster but available to see by appointment.








7) Camille and Mia









8) Brady is a big lovable boy who is FIV positive so he needs to be an indoor cat. He’s neutered and up to date on vaccinations.









 9) Cooper & Michelin











 10) Emilee is a little shy but we know that in a loving quieter home she would open up & blossom into a loving sweetie pie if you would give her a chance.









11) Layla is spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed and felv/fiv tested. She is ready for her new home and would like to be your only kitty. She is very loving and sweet! Her adoption fee is only $35!








12) This very handsome guy is Max. He was adopted back in April from us when he was a younger fella, then brought back to us because the owner said he was moving & couldn’t take him with them. He is very loving & wants a new person that will give him a Furever, loving home. He is 1 & 1/2 years old.






13) Coral











14) Joey and Oscar. UPDATE: Joey was adopted!










15) Megan is an adorable, lovable, 2-year old girl who is waiting on her furever home. Come meet her and all our other sweet fur babies.









 16) Lillie











 17) Nina








18) Mia, Maribel and Mikey









19) Jasper is about a year old old. He is a very loving boy kitty and a lot of fun! He is fixed, vaccinated and de-wormed.









20) Gibbs









21) Pumpkin









22) Taylie is currently in a foster home and you can meet her by appointment. She is a very sweet and gorgeous tortishell girl who was left outside when her owner was put in a nursing home.









23) Tabitha  is a very shy girl but will warm up quickly with a little TLC. She also has a look alike sister at the rescue. She is spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed and felv/fiv tested. $50 fee






24) Tuxie is currently in a foster home and you can meet her by appointment. She is a loving girl! She is spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed and felv/fiv tested. $50 fee









25) Trixie and Tansy








26) Lizzy








27) Chloe just got a bath and was air drying in this picture. She would be an awesome addition to a loving, inside only home. She gets along with other kitties and has been with us for about 5 or so years. She would absolutely love to her a home of her own and would give you many years of loving companionship.







28) Arthur is a sweet, loving kitty who is ready for adoption.









29) Tommy is a sweet, quiet boy, 13 to 14 years old. He is neutered, vaccinated and de-wormed. He has FIV so he needs to stay inside. $50 fee








30) Come meet Violet. She is about three years old. She’s very sweet and loves people but would probably prefer to be an only cat. She loves to drink from the faucet. She is spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed and felv/fiv tested.








 31) Nola Jane









32)  Twilight










33) Okie is a sweet kitty that loves to play. Adoption fee is $65, which includes spay/neuter, vaccinations, de-worming and flea treatment.








 34) Ross & Phoebe. UPDATE: Phoebe was adopted!








35) Zahara is a 1 year old sweet girl who loves to play and be loved on. She is spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed and felv/fiv tested.







36) Lilly is being fostered & is ready for her furever – inside only home. She is about 5 months old, spayed, vaccinated, de wormed. She has an obsession of suckling on your shirt any chance she gets gets. She has grown up around other cats & 2 dogs. She is a snuggler & loves people. She plays a little with the other kitten but rather be on my lap. Please make an appointment to meet her as she is at my home being fostered. Adoption fee is $60






37) Dottie is very playful and loving. She is around 6 months old.









38) This beautiful girl (Punkin) came to us because the elderly owner couldn’t take care of her any more. We had her spayed, vaccinated & de-wormed. She was an only cat for a year so she isn’t use to other kitties yet. She is a sweetheart with people. Adoption fee is $60









39) Twinkles




























































































































































































































































































































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