Cat Care Packet

Many questions you may have in caring for your new cat are answered in the  below links. Look in our Pet Tips section for more information in caring for you cat. Dog care information is also in the Pet Tips section.

Note: Don’t forget to tell your family and friends about our helpful Pet Tips for cats and dogs! There are many answers to behavioral issues in Pet Tips.


Cat Care – Lots of Great Information!


Cat Handbook

The Cat Handbook


Litter Box Training

Introducing Your New Cat to The Litter Box


Foods To Avoid Giving Your Pets

People Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Pets


Pet Introductions

New Pet Introductions


Supplies For Your Cat

Basic Supplies For Your New Cat


Cat/Kitten Proof Your Home

Cat/Kitten Proofing Your Home Checklist

Cat proofing your home will help keep your cat safe, healthy and save you money! Cats can swallow items that can cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in vet bills. Swallowing items can cause internal damage to a cat and can even kill them. It can cause long term damage to your cat’s health that will cost you even more money down the road, so you can see how important and cost effective it is to cat proof your home.

Cat/Kitten Proofing Your Home:

  • Avoid poisonous plants – click link for a list of poisonous plants
  • Lock up cleaning supplies and chemicals – child proof latches work great
  • Keep medicines and vitamins out of reach – use child proof containers
  • Remove glass and fragile items – can break and be swallowed or cause cuts
  • Tie a knot in cords – drapes and blinds could strangle your cat
  • Dryers, Washers, Dishwasher, Oven. Microwave, Freezers and Other Appliance – check to see if your cat got inside
  • Remove tablecloths – kitten may pull on them and cause breakage of dishes and glass
  • Close toilet lids – kitten could drown or drink chemicals that cause issues
  • Put a cover on the garbage disposal switch – cat could flip switch and be injured
  • Secure screens – Click on link as pet resistant screen material is available
  • Keep plastic bags out of reach – prevent injury or suffocation
  • Dispose of six pack holders – kitten can get tangled in them
  • Tie up excess length of electrical cords and use tubular cord covers to hide them – prevent injury or electrocution
  • Keep drawers, trunks and closets closed as cats could get closed inside
  • Keep sewing supplies out of reach (thread, buttons, etc.) that may cause injury
  • Keep child toys out of reach that are made of soft rubber, fur, wool, sponge or polyurethane – may cause problems with cat’s digestive system
  • Holidays – don’t use tinsel, garlands or breakables- may cause problems with cat’s digestive system or injury
  • Trash in trash cans – can be hazardous to cat so getting a lidded trash can prevent death
  • Protect furniture – put blankets on furniture and get a cat scratcher with sisal rope
  • Swivel, reclining and folding furniture – ALWAYS check under reclining, folding and swivel furniture before closing or moving it
  • Never spray anything near cat’s food or water bowls as can be toxic
  • Potpourri – keep out of reach as is toxic when eaten
  • Water filled sinks and tubs – close doors to them to prevent kitten from drowning
  • Small objects – keep out of reach (ponytail holders, coins, dental floss, rubber bands, staples, beads, paper clips, screws, etc.)
  • Fishing equipment – keep out of reach to prevent severe injury
  • Fires from candles and fireplace – only use if you will be non-stop watching them
  • Tobacco products and Nicotine Gum – Keep out of reach as is toxic
  • Holes in walls, floors or registers – Want to fix these as your cat may find a way into your duct work and get stuck
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